Runic Message Assignment

From England in Literature:
The runic message at the end of “The Husband’s Message” (lines 49-50) has never been successfully decoded. The translator here gives English letters that are rough equivalents for the original runes. Using these English letters, and your own imagination, create what you think would be an appropriate reading of this cryptogram. Then, in well-organized paragraphs explain your reading, why it would fit into the conclusion of the poem, and how the message and the poem exemplify the Anglo-Saxon values listed below.

Part One: Poster
1. Create a poster on blank, white paper that identifies what you believe each letter should represent in the runic message.
2. Include the title of the elegy (in quotation marks) on your poster.
3. Illustrate your poster with images appropriate to the message of the elegy and/or your interpretation of the runic message.

Part Two: Explanation
4. On a piece of college-ruled notebook paper, write an explanation to accompany your poster. Your explanation should use and cite quotes (in quotation marks) as textual evidence to support your claims. Your explanation should address the following:
-Explain your reading of the message.
-Why does your reading fit with the conclusion of the poem?
-How/why do your illustrations fit with the message of the poem and/or the Anglo-Saxon values listed below?
-How do the message and the poem exemplify the Anglo-Saxon values listed below?

Anglo-Saxon society characteristics and values
-Admired men for outstanding courage, whatever tribe they came from
-Believed in the importance of loyalty to a leader and to the tribe
-Valued fierce personal valor, which was necessary for survival
-Received persons of rank with grave courtesy, whatever their tribe or people
-Ruler was expected to be generous to those who were loyal
-Everyone was aware of the shortness of life and of the passing away of all things
-Everything was thought to be determined by an impersonal, irresistible fate
-Everyone competed for fame, the only thing that ever lasted

Runic Message Grading