Use the links below to create your poster about Shakespeare or Elizabethan England.

Historical and Social Context Groups
1. Who was Queen of England during the time Shakespeare began to write? Who ruled after her?
2. Give the approximate dates of the Elizabethan period.
3. Identify the social classes during Shakespeare's time.
4. Describe the status of women. How would a young woman respond to a request from her father?
5.What was the Bubonic Plague and how did it affect society during Shakespeare's time?
6. Describe these aspects of Elizabethan life:
  • food
  • socialization
  • city life, hygiene, crime
  • homes
  • clothing
-Links: Elizabethan Timeline Clothing Elizabethan Houses Elizabethan Period Plague Education

Intellectual and Religious Life Groups
1. Describe the four elements thought to compose the universe.
2. Describe the four humours and their relationship to personality.
3. What was the relationships between humours and illnesses.
4. What type of medicine was administered and by whom was it dispensed during this time period?
5. Describe the religious climate during this time.
6. What was considered to be the center of the universe at this time? Who controlled it?
7. Describe the hierarchy of beings or "chain of beings" believed in by Shakespeare and his contemporaries.
-Links: Ideas Science and Health Medicine Religion

The Elizabethan Theater Groups
1. Where were most theaters built? (in or out of the city)? Why? Why is the Globe Theater so famous?
2. What time of day did performances take place? How was the public notified about performances?
3. Who played the female roles and why?
4. What type of scenery and props were used?
5. What were the costumes like?
6. What other skills did actors need besides acting ability?
7. What was the cost of standing room at the Globe?
8. Who was Richard Burbage?
9. Who were the King's Men or Chamberlain's Men?
10. Identify these theater terms
  • Pit
  • Groundling
-Links: Globe Theater Theater More Theater Actors The Meaning of Colors

Shakespeare's Life Groups
1. When and where was Shakespeare born?
2. Describe his upbringing and education.
3. What were the four types of plays he wrote?
4. Where were his plays performed and by whom?
5. Besides writing plays, what other skills made Shakespeare a "jack of all trades?"
6. When and where did Shakespeare die?
7. Why do we still read his works today? (Hint: think of theme)
8. Find several famous quotations that originated in Shakespeare's works. Mention the works from which they come.
-Links: Shakespeare Timeline Shakespeare's Life More on Shakespeare's Life
*This activity was adapted from the a webquest by Anita J. Anderson.